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Home Stretch Newsletter
The Home Stretch is a bi-monthly publication filled with information about GPA MN events, informative articles, as well as content that is inspirational or just for fun.  Since January 2007, the primary delivery method for our newsletter is by electronic subscription. This method keeps our publication costs as low as possible, and allows us to direct those funds to other important greyhound rescue functions. 

For every eSubscription that replaces a paper copy subscription, we are able to save enough money annually to feed a foster hound for two weeks. Subscribers to the eNewsletter receive an email notification including a link to the latest edition of the newsletter (in .pdf format on our website) as soon as it is posted on our website. You can read it online and even print a copy for yourself.

As a courtesy, adopters automatically receive a mailed paper copy of the newsletter for 1 year after adopting a hound. But after that year is up, you will no longer automatically receive a printed copy, and you need to either continue receiving the newsletter electronically or request an ongoing paper copy.

To receive the GPA MN Home Stretch newsletter by email, please check the subsctiption option below. When the latest edition has been released we will email you a link to view the newsletter in .pdf format.

GPA Today Info Mailer
To keep you informed of things going on with Greyhound Pets of America MN, we have established this new informational mailer called GPA Today. Through GPA Today you will receive occasional email messages from the GPA MN board of directors with details about upcoming GPA MN events, notice of when our Home Stretch newsletter is released, and other important things happening within the GPA MN community.  Our goal is to keep you informed without filling up your inbox, so we want you to know that this is not a daily mailer.  The messages will only arrive once in a while and we'll do our best to be brief, to the point, and let you move on with your day!  Be assured that your information is private and secure.  We will never sell or share your information with anyone!

To receive GPA Today by email, please check subscription option below.

Please note:  The GPA Today list is slightly different from our old email list.  GPA Today generates outgoing messages from the GPA Board of Directors only and is not a conversation list.  You will only receive messages directly from GPA MN and will not be able to respond to all recipients.

GPA MN Forum
If you would like to participate in conversations with other GPA-MN greyhound lovers, we invite you visit our website to learn more about our online Forum.  In the Forum you can read and respond to topics and questions that are posted and converse with other adopters.  It’s a brand new community opportunity!

Thank you for keeping in touch with GPA MN!  You will begin receiving messages soon!

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